Christina Aguilera Weight Gain and Lady Gaga’s New Curves: Singers Starting Bigger Body Trend?

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The Christina Aguilera weight debate has gotten heated, and the star is continuing to stand by her word that she is happier being bigger. But there is another pop star whose recent weight gain is the subject of criticism: Lady Gaga. Are these two blonde, formerly stick-thin singers starting a new weight gain trend?

Aguilera told Billboard magazine that she got tired of being labeled a “skinny, blue-eyed white girl.” (Well, Christina, you are white…and you do have blue eyes and sometimes blonde hair…but whatever.) She is now saying she likes to be curvier because she’s Ecuadorian. Whatever her excuses—ahem, reasons for gaining weight—she does have a killer voice and an amazing career, and she shouldn’t have to starve herself to please record execs.

Now she is joined by Lady Gaga in her newfound curves, and one might think that these two are starting a ‘who-gives-a-crap’ revolution against unrealistic body images for female celebrities. However, although Gaga had said “she is proud at any size,” other sources say she is “unhappy” with her new look and wants to slim down again. (She has also talked about her struggle with eating disorders, which is another subject entirely.) What do you think of the Christina Aguilera weight gain and Lady Gaga’s new, ‘curvier’ look? Are they starting a trend or are they just being lazy with their bodies?

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