Christina Aguilera’s boob falls out and the camera’s catch it!

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Christina Aguilera’s boob popped out of her shirt last night as she was making her way into Sadler’s Wells Theater in London. While it wasn’t exposed in its entirely, most of Aguilera’s breast made its début.

The wardrobe malfunction happened just in time for the camera’s to catch it. This pop diva’s boob slip is not rare by any means; there’s an epidemic of run away breasts lately.

These celebrity wardrobe malfunctions seem like a weekly occurrence in recent months. The media’s cameras catch more bare breasts of famous names these days than a well used mammogram machine.

See the slide show of Christina Aguilera’s arrival at the theater including her wardrobe malfunction on Celebslam.

While Christina’s slip did not look as if it’s planned, she did walk out of her van with what Celebslam calls, “sloppy cleavage.” Her shirt was low enough that this could easily happen at anytime.

Is it the extra low-cut outfits that are the culprits or maybe flimsy bras that aren’t offering the support needed for some of these big breasted women? While Nancy Grace has had her first boob slip this week, which occurred during her routine on DWTS, many women tend to have multiple slips.

The Kardashian sisters, Lady Gaga, and even Janet Jackson are famous boob exposures of the past; is it possible that some of these are just a publicity grabbers?

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