Christina Aguilera’s Diva Antics Will Cost Her

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Christina Aguilera’s diva antics have become a huge issue this season on The Voice. It seems like her head has gotten a little too big for that red chair. She was called out by the guys from The Wanted for her crappy attitude and was caught by the cameras dissing Justin Bieber.

Stories about her ridiculous demands and bad attitude are becoming more and more common. According to a new report, executives on the popular talent show are getting fed up with one of her nasty habits. She is always late for work. An insider dishes all the dirty details and says, “Christina is consistently about two hours late.”

Time is money and Christina apparently has no regard for her fellow judges who actually have busy careers as recording and touring artists. Her tardiness has not gone unnoticed or unpunished, but Christina simply doesn’t care. The source reveals she has been slapped with fines for her tardy behavior. “Whatever her fine is now doesn’t bother her.”

It may soon start making a dent in her paycheck if the executives get their way. The insider reveals, “Higher-ups on the show want to raise it to a number that does bother her, so she actually arrives on time.” Why don’t they just fire her? Any other employee who was consistently late for a job would be shown the door in a heartbeat. Are they keeping her because of the drama she brings to the show? Are you sick of Christina Aguilera’s diva behavior and ready for a new judge for season 3?

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