Christina Applegate’s Pregnancy Prompts Cursing

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While Christina Applegate had anticipated that warm, rosy glow of pregnancy, instead she is burdened with mood swings that sometimes prompt cursing.

Cupcakes and Fried Cheese

According to People Magazine, Applegate has craved foods like cupcakes with sprinkles on them and fried cheese, and while she tries to maintain a macrobiotic diet, she does admit to giving in to the cravings.

Learning to dress and not look like Humpty Dumpty has proved challenging, too, and Applegate remedies that situation by forgoing skinny jeans for alternate options.

The Huffington Post reports that Christina Applegate is quickly learning the wrath of those hormone-related mood swings during pregnancy, and recently snapped at a security guard who berated her illegal parking job. She even called him a “douchebag.”

Lovely word, that “douchebag!”

Applegate Unloads on Lopez

She described the scenario to George Lopez when she appeared on “The Late Show” just last week.

“I was just like, Shhhhh! Shhhhh! It is too hot out to be a douchebag, okay?!” she said. “What’s wrong with me? I was like, ‘Who am I right now?! That’s a horrible thing to say to somebody!'”

Pregnancy Illusions

Ahhh, poor Christina. She’s really suffering from that illusion of what pregnancy was supposed to be like. She’s mourning her expectations, and as anyone who has borne children knows, it’s not all rosy glow and maternal instinct. No, indeed. There’ swollen feet, leaking urine, cravings for things like Cool Ranch Doritos at 1AM and a growing disdain for the rest of the human race. Alas, it is only temporary.

That sweet little baby will arrive and those hormones will fluctuate yet again. But this time they’ll find their way back to whatever normal may be, and allow life to move forward, with a squawking, pooping, up-at-all-hours-of-the-night bundle of joy that projectile vomits and makes one’s boobs shrivel to the likes of deflating balloons.

Christina Applegate will no doubt rise to the occasion. Most women do. Applegate is a breast cancer survivor and advocate. She has lived in the real world. And once she figures out that all those old wives tales are just that, she’ll settle down and maneuver through the remainder of her pregnancy.

And she may curse. Most women do. And then they do it all over again with baby #2.


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Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer and published author from New Hampshire who has given birth five times and not once did she attain that rosy glow.

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