Christina Hendricks Becomes a ‘Mad Men’ Barbie Doll (VIDEO)

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Joan Holloway would never have seen this one coming. In a historic move that breaks all the cable TV rules, the vivaciously curvy Christina Hendricks has been made into a Barbie Doll that even Ken would fall for.

The popularity of cable’s biggest, most award-winning TV show ‘Mad Men” has been immortalized by Mattel who is casting its sexiest characters in high impact plastic. And 60s period clothing.

Don Draper, wife Betty, Roger Sterling and Joan have all been made into Barbie dolls that are remarkably evocative of their TV counterparts – and that’s only the beginning. The collectible dolls (retailing at 75 bucks a pop) are clothed in period costumes and soon accessories are being planned for a roll out that will have kids and adults alike clamoring for the entire line.

The question is, how far are they willing to go?

Ever since Barbie herself splashed onto the scene in the late 50s, her biggest drawing point has been the cool stuff that comes along with her. Convertibles, mansions, high fashion outfits – even dashing, sexy boyfriends and buddies have been part of her mass appeal. But, for the most part, Barbie has been the All American Girl Next Door. (Forget “Tattoo Barbie” – she tanked.) Barbie has been much more beloved for her fashion sense and networking skills.

If Mattel stays true to the characters, expect to see some breakthrough accessories that reflect the times the show is set in: cigarettes by the carton, booze by the gallon and plenty of hookups. Now we’re talking.

What do you think? Has Mattel gone too far? Leave a comment below.

In the meantime, here’s a video that should set the tone:


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