Christina Hendricks Hottest Woman of the Year! Mad Men Actress Voted Best Looking Woman! (Photos)

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Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men fame, has been voted Esquire magazine’s hottest woman of the year, and is now featured on the cover of this month’s issue of the magazine! She apparently beat out mega hot stars like Megan Fox and Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima in a race to the top of the fan voting in the Hottest Woman contest, according to  This could mark a return to a more curvy preference in popular actresses.  christina hendricksChristina Hendricks measurements are reported at 36-24-26! And Christina Hendricks bra size is 36DDD!  Megan Fox could live inside one of her bra cups! Here are some christina hendricksChristina Hendricks photos to see if you agree or disagree that she is the hottest woman of the year!

She certainly is a stunning woman, but is ham the new bacon? Is thick the new thin? I think she is perfectly casted for the show she stars in, based in the 1960s.  Times have changed, and I’ll take Megan Fox photos any day of the week!  I guess the real question is, who is reading Esquire magazine these days? Do you know anyone that reads the magazine, let alone who would vote for its list of hottest women? Who do you think is the best looking woman on tv these days? Do you think it is christina hendricksChristina Hendricks? Sound off below, but be warned! If you dare say Dancing with the Stars Kate Gosselin, punishment will be handed out, and it will be swift and harsh!


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