Christina Ricci Got Nude with Robert Pattinson—Should Kristen Stewart be Jealous?

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Robert Pattinson got to see Christina Ricci nude while filming Bel Ami! Kristen Stewart has to be just a little jealous that her boyfriend gets to jump in bed with a lot of lovely ladies and that he gets to see at least one of them in the buff in his new movie.

After all, Christina is a stunning actress who lots of men admire—you’ll probably never hear guys complain about the women in Hollywood who embrace their bodies by doing nude scenes. Maybe Rob’s heart belongs to Kristen, but he had to enjoy getting to film love scenes with Christina, Uma Thurman, and Kristin Scott Thomas just a little.

But how did Christina Ricci feel about getting nude with Robert Pattinson? According to the Belfast Telegraph, here’s what she said about stripping down in movies: “I trained my brain not to care about nudity at work. It’s like going to the beach. You could spend the whole time obsessing, or you could just go to the beach, forget about how you look and have a good time.” It’s safe to say that Rob also had a “good time” filming Bel Ami based on all the action he gets in the movie.

Christina has plenty of experience when it comes to showing off her body in movies—she’s gotten naked in Prozac Nation, Black Snake Moan, and After.Life. But at least she wasn’t the only one who had to bare it all in Bel Ami—Robert Pattinson has already dished that a bit of his bare behind might be seen (now that should certainly help sell a few tickets).

Christina Ricci has come a long way from the way she felt about her body during her younger days. She used to suffer from anorexia, so it’s obvious that she was not comfortable in her own skin. But now that she’s freed herself from that terrible disease, perhaps she finds baring it all kind of liberating.

In Bel Ami, she plays one of the many women that Robert Pattinson’s character sleeps with as he social climbs in 19th century Paris. His character is a ruthless lady-killer with only one concern—himself (so he’s nothing like Bella-obsessed Edward Cullen).

Most girls wouldn’t want to see their boyfriends acting like jerks and sleeping around with other women, even if it is for a movie. And it would certainly make a girl feel a little inadequate knowing that her boyfriend got to see Christina Ricci in the buff. So what do you think—will seeing Rob’s multiple sex scenes and Christina’s nude scene make Kristen Stewart feel just a bit jealous?

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