Christina Vasquez Allegedly Faked Abduction

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Nineteen-year-old Christina Vasquez has been charged with faking her own abduction. It’s situations like this one that makes it harder for the many real cases of abduction and crimes on women to get the coverage and devotion they need. Hopefully, if she is found guilty, this woman is shown just how serious falsely reporting a crime like this one really is.

It’s alleged that Christina Vasquez waved down a jogger in early January from a ditch where she’d been laying. She claimed to have abducted and assaulted by two men.

After a thorough investigation, which has taken quite some time, detectives are now convinced that the woman made the whole thing up. In fact, she concocted the story in order to hide the fact that she’d stayed overnight with her boyfriend the previous evening.

It’s shocking that young women resort to reporting heinous crimes to cover up their own secrets and moral missteps. It’s disgusting, really. Hopefully this young woman realizes that what she did was wrong, but if she isn’t found guilty, who knows?

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