Christine O’Donnell Sketch on “SNL”: Constant Masturbator, Dogfight Honcho (Video)

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To no one’s surprise, Delawarean “tea party” senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell came in for the Saturday Night Live satirical treatment last night. Also not surprising: SNL‘s go-to female cast member, Kristen Wiig, was given the O’Donnell assignment.

Reversing O’Donnell’s much-hyped anti-masturbation stance of years gone by, the SNL version reports to GOP handlers that she “masturbated this morning when I woke up, again in the shower, then while eating breakfast, and in the taxi on the way over here.”

Wonder what she made of Katy Perry’s Elmo t-shirt?

O’Donnell later confides that she once oversaw dogfights “much better than Michael Vick’s.”

Also on hand were wisecracks about O’Donnell’s past flirtations with witchcraft and her theories on human/mice genetics. And of course she zooms off on a broom at the end. Har har.

The skit is fine for what it is, but again, a bit more thought behind what it means to be Christine O’Donnell — rather than just lazily rote recitations of her already infamous positions, like some “Not Another Political Satire Movie” — would have been welcome. Then again, we don’t want to annoy a potential future guest host, do we?


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