Christmas, 2008 (Photo Essay)

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I thought I'd share with you some of my wonderful experiences this Christmas. For those of you that may have been wondering, yes, Jake and I were able to go back home for the holiday and we were very excited to see everyone and they were equally excited to see us. We won't get to see them for another 6 months when we go up to get married, but it was still great to get to go home.

And what would a good Christmas be without pictures to share with ya'll? So…let the sharing begin!

Here's the Christmas tree and look at all those presents! The red ones are joint gifts for Jake and I, the blue ones are for James, and the ones to the left are my mothers'. :)

Poor Cody didn't get anything for Christmas except a big bone, but he was more than happy with that. He was a little upset that he wasn't allowed in the back room with all the presents, but that's ok.

And then we were opening presents. This is really the first time Sweet Pea has opened presents and she was sure having a blast with it! She helped everyone else open their gifts, too. She's not picky about whose gifts she opens…lol.

Once things were opened, they were set on the floor forgotten and Sweet Pea was on to the next gift! She was really starting to get the hang of opening things…hehe.

Look, Sammie! All these presents just for ME!

And Mommy looking at one of Sweet Pea's gifts that Jake and I got her. She's going to be a well-dressed baby this summer. :) Her big sister made sure of that.

Then everyone else started opening their presents, too. Here's Jake looking at the ornament he just opened.

And James, proudly holding up the boxers that Jake and I got him. He's a big video game player, so we figured it was the perfect gift.

Here's Mommy holding up the shirt Jake and I got her. Purple's her favorite color and when I was younger I had a white supergirl shirt that she always stole, so now she's got her own. ^_^

After that, it was over to Jake's parents for gifts, but they don't do well with pictures, so I don't have any there. Then it was to my father's house. And of all the times I asked Jake to take pictures, this is his ONE contribution to the Christmas pictures. Yup, Mountain Dew. Figures, doesn't it?

We were happy to see my family, but I think Jake was happiest to see the animals. He misses having pet interaction. So, we've got plenty of pictures of them.

This is Pendragon, the pretty kitty under the tree thinking about getting into trouble with the shiny wrapped gifts.

Rollie, who was so worn out by the time we got there that she was already passed out on the counter.

And Cooper, whose chair I accidentally bumped on my way into the kitchen. He was none too happy that I bothered him and woke him up.

By the end of the evening, Pendragon was so worn out from causing trouble that he curled up in my nice, warm coat and fell asleep.

Then right before dinner at my mother's we had a family photo shoot trying to get some nice pictures of everyone. I don't have any of those to post, but I do have one of Jake, who was being his usual self and was being a pain and didn't want to be photographed.

All in all, it was a nice trip, but it was really nice to get back home, too. I can't wait to go back up there in 6 months. Even better–I'll be getting married at that point, too. ;)

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