Christmas and New Year’s Eve in NYC

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Where are you spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Though it’s hardly a tropical vacation spot, New York City is a very popular winter holiday destination. Most of us are familiar with the idea, at least, of seeing Santa Claus at Macy’s. There are so many things to do in NYC for Christmas, that children and their parents can’t possibly do them all in one trip. In fact, I lived in New York City for years and didn’t participate in all of the annual Christmas holiday events! If you’re planning to be in New York City for the Christmas holiday season, be sure to bundle up and have a great time.

Similarly, NYC is internationally famous on New Year’s Eve. You don’t have to be in the city to watch the ball drop in Times Square — it’s being televised live, of course — but if you are indeed spending your winter vacation there, there are other annual New Year’s Eve events in New York City that are fun and exciting as well. The idea of Good Riddance Day sounds amusing (and yes, it is), but for people who have had a tough year, it can even be therapeutic. Every borough of NYC has at least one annual New Year’s Eve event, so this may just be the year to branch out and take a Clydesdale Carriage ride in the Bronx Zoo.

The Christmas and New Year’s holiday season in New York City is magical.
While many people prefer to vacation somewhere warm for the winter, Christmas in NYC is, and will always be, a very special experience.

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