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A scene almost Dickensian; dark alley, mildewed walls and dust-drawn windows, eyeless to the child’s unruly pain. She hugs the blanket tight to narrow shoulders, shaking chest, then rests herself in nest of ragged straw. Rat shares the delectation of its grain.


A sudden cloud-break calls a passing stranger, turns her round. The sky’s resounding, sunlight dripped on rain; prismatic archways cutting angel’s paths through heaven’s refrain.


God-sent, the woman bends to see while shaking child falls still. She pulls away the blanket; wailing cry. In scene almost Dickensian, she draws an orphaned infant from the hay. Angels ask why.



Prompts for December 2nd Wednesday Writing Essentials, due by December 8th:

  • Include an allusion.   Here is the definition I found that I’d like to see: Allusion: A figure of speech making casual reference to a famous historic or literary figure or event or work of literature.
  • Use the word delectation or some form of it
  • Somehow include music or a musical sound
  • Specify one of the five senses in an exaggerated way
  • tag with wwe

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