Christopher Hitchens’ ‘God Is Not Great’ Trends on Twitter, Christians Threaten Violence

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A Twitter hashtag meant as a tribute to Christopher Hitchens has turned into a mini religious war, with Christian users of the site threatening violence against anyone using the tag.

The hashtag #GodIsNotGreat began trending internationally shortly after the sad announcement that Hitchens had passed away from complications linked to esophageal cancer. The tag is, of course, in honor of Hitchens’ best-selling book God Is Not Great, where he lays out his argument for atheism. God Is Not Great is a foundation of the modern atheist movement, and makes a compelling case for the uselessness of religion and the non-existence of any deities. Christians on Twitter, apparently unfamiliar with the book (and, unsurprisingly, unfamiliar with the act of researching something before shooting off at the mouth about it) began frothing at the mouth when they noticed the hashtag. Rather than recognizing it as a reference to a book they took it as an attack on their religion (again totally unsurprising, especially when you consider the ridiculous ‘Christian martyr’ syndrome popular in American Christianity). Their responses were brilliant in their idiocy and hypocrisy.

“#GodIsNotGreat WHO EVA MADE THIS A TRENDIN TOPIC …ILL PERSONALLY KILL EM MYSELF….GOD IS THE BEST THANG EVA MANE…AMEN” is one of the more…loving…tweets on record. (Image at link may be NSFW.)

“If #GodIsNotGreat to you, do us all a favor and kill yourself. Thank you” was another example of Christian compassion in response to the Christopher Hitchens memorial.

And, as is to be expected, there was plenty of atheist bashing going on: “You are weak and destined to a horrible way of life if you think #GodIsNotGreat. Blasphemy to have this as a trend. It’s said, now I’m done.”

It’s a fitting memorial to Christopher Hitchens, in a way. His death has prompted thousands of Twitter users to demonstrate exactly why his book was completely on target.

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