Christopher Meloni Gets Fanged on ‘True Blood’ (Spoiler Alert)

Christopher Meloni of Law and Order: SVU fame makes his debut appearance on True Blood in the second episode of the fifth season as one of the most powerful figures in the Vampire Authority, 500-year-old Roman. He recently revealed a few tidbits about what fans will see in his character throughout the season.

His character arrives on the Bon Temps scene to hunt down Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) after their murder of Authority member Nan at the end of the fourth season, but he ends up offering the pair a way out of the true death. Roman enlists them to deal with the Russell Edgington problem. After all, the American Vampire League and the Authority just can’t have that murderous former King of Mississippi on the loose, not after he killed a newsman on live television. Edgington just gives vampires a bad name. Don’t you love the drama?

Although Roman holds all the power, Meloni revealed that the character is more complex than it seems at first glance. Roman certainly doesn’t carry himself like a wise old vampire. “You know who acts like that? A child,” Meloni said. “And I thought that was what kind of funny about it. Here you have this very impressive entity, yet underneath it all, he’s a big old baby.” It’s doubtful you’ll see the character sucking his thumb in a diaper, but with True Blood, just about anything could happen.

Christopher Meloni also revealed that Roman will have at least one erotic interlude in the season, although with whom remains a mystery. In one episode, he said, “I am in bed. With my lover.” Will it be with a new character or with a seasoned member of the cast? Furthermore, will it be male or female? As to those questions, Meloni kept his mouth shut, but fans will soon see.

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