Christopher Walken hiring attorney over Natalie Wood case, why?

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Actor Christopher Walken was on the boat the night actress Natalie Wood died. The police say husband and Hollywood screen legend Robert Wagner is not a suspect. Why has Chris hired a lawyer to defend him now that the case is being re-opened? Most likely because there is breaking news about the famous celebrity death tied with two prominent star celebs.

Wood and Wagner were the Brangelina of their time. There was a love triangle that involved Walken that has never been fully explained to the media or the police. And now, so many years after she died back in 1981, the police have new evidence and a witness who claims he lied in his original police report.

Now, CBS News is claiming Christopher Walken—not Robert Wagner—has hired a criminal defense attorney to defend him against any new claims or allegations that he may have been somehow involved causing her untimely death.


That’s the million dollar question.

Because the celebrity death happened so unexpectedly, her fans were shocked to hear news back in the day about the incident. Out on a boat partying, celebs Wood and Wagner argued shortly before her death. While movie co-stars Walken and Wagner partied on an upper deck, she allegedly fell off the boat, bruised her body in numberous places while she was trying to re-enter a dingy, and finally drowned when she could never muster the strength to climb back in it.

The celebrity couple’s luxury yacht was anchored off California’s Santa Catalina Island at the time of her death.

The beautiful brunette’s lifeless body was discovered floating roughly a mile away from the boat—but the reason why she fell overboard was never explained to a satisfactory level. All police know is she had a very high blood alcohol level and may have been trying to go for a swim.

There is only one big flaw in that theory—the leading lady was terrified of water.

What do you think happened. Was either of the Hollywood leading men, Christopher Walken or Robert Wagner, involved in causing the celebrity death?


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