Chrome Web Store: Angry Birds and Apple Competition

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Google announced in-app payments are coming to the Chrome Web Store. This feature paves the way for selling apps such as the popular Angry Birds game line. This step allows the Google apps store to compete with the Apple Apps store.

Announced at the Google Developer’s conference, the in-app payments feature may seem a natural development process, but it could shake up the industry. Individuals who do not have access to Angry Birds through a mobile device, the new store features will offer the game through a browser interface. It also opens up the application market for consumers who do not want or need mobile computing devices.

Google is ramping up competition in the apps market by focusing on developers. One line of code is all that is inserted for applications destined for the Chrome Web Store that will allow a one-click easy payment for consumers. Easy and cheap? This may sway some developers to focus their attention away from Apple apps and more towards the growing web apps market.

The biggest change is the low-cost the store will impose. A 5 percent charge for the Chrome Web Store vs the 30 percent charged by Apple is a significant development. While Apple is known for charging a premium for their devices and services, they have had little “real” competition in apps. Now, developers could choose to lower the cost of their apps, but still earn more money due to the significant difference in store charges.

As more consumers move to smart phones and other web-enabled mobile devices, web-based apps will be an easier sale. Currently, Apple has a lock on apps for iPads and iPhones. As the apps industry develops, a more general application option centered around browsers and not operating systems may offer a lower prices and more options for consumers.

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