Chrysler and Eminem – Superbowl Champs – Detroit is Still Alive!

Chrysler and Eminem came out the winners on Superbowl Sunday. Eminem appeared in an ad for Chrysler and scored big on the approval rating. The two-minute ad ended with the words “Detroit is still alive.” It obviously is.

The Chrysler commercial was more than just an expensive spot during the Superbowl, it was a proclamation that Detroit is still standing. A native of Detroit, Eminem was a great pick. The parallels between the embattled city and the rapper were obvious. Chrysler and Eminem went together like a pistol in its holster.

Despite what Chrysler and Eminem have been through, they’re not going anywhere. Instead of selling a product, Chrysler sold a moral message and the rapper couldn’t have been a better choice. Standing tall and stern, he seemed like the fighter that never quits. The fighter, like the city, that never gives up.

The Chrysler commercial with Eminem may not have been as fancy as some of the other commercials, but it was probably one of the most memorable. When other commercials are busy selling products, Chrysler sold a message.

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