Chuck Bass dies on Gossip Girl finale?

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A major cliffhanger struck fans of the popular Gossip Girl show on CW tonight.  On the Gossip Girl finale many are wondering if Chuck Bass dies after being mugged and shot.  The poor guy had just been punched out by another dude for sleeping with his sister.  Chuck was all set to propose to his girlfriend, but got socked right before popping the question to Blair.  Then, later in the show he gets mugged and the engagement ring he had purchased is stolen.  To add injury to insult, he gets shot and is left for dead on the ground, leaving all his supporters concerned.

The character Chuck Bass is played by 22-year-old actor Ed Westwick on Gossip Girl, and he’s straight out of the pages of the fictional novels.  On the show he’s financially ambitious and stylish.  He’s also the best friend of Nate Archibald (GG character, not basketball player) and Serena’s stepbrother.

Below you can check out a YouTube video of some Chuck Bass moments a GG fan put together set to the MIMS classic “This is Why I’m Hot”.  Some love him, some hate him, but don’t believe the rumors that Chuck dies.  We all know how drama shows work.  People get shot, killed, healed and come back to life.  I expect Chuck to be back again for Gossip Girl Season 4, and hopefully he finally gets to propose to his girlfriend.  Just like Chuck on NBC wasn’t canceled, Chuck Bass will live again on the CW.

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