Chuck E. Cheese 2010 Recall Facts – Does it Include Light-Up Rings, Eyeglasses, and Pizza?

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A Chuck E. Cheese recall involves 1.2 million light-up rings and plastic toy eyeglasses that were part of a marketing promotion last year.  The Chuck E. Cheese recall does not include pizza or any other food items, and is limited only to the 1.2 million battery-operated toys and eyeglasses.

What prompted the massive toy recall by Chuck E. Cheese?

According to a Chicago Tribune report, the maker of the Chuck E. Cheese star glasses and battery-operated light-up rings, CEC Entertainment, Inc., is recalling over one million of the toys due to a swallowing hazard by children.  Chuck E. Cheese leadership and the Consumer Product Safety Commission support the massive recall.

The recall by CEC and the famous children’s pizza maker is voluntary, but represents a danger to all kids, nonetheless.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “if crushed or pulled apart, the plastic casing can break into small pices and possibly expose the batteries, posing an ingestion hazard to children.”

Prior to the Chuck E. Cheese recall by CEC, Inc, there were only two reports of minor harm resulting from two of the 1.2 million light-up-toys handed out.  One involved an accidental ingesting of a battery, and the other involved a battery getting lodged in a kid’s nose.

The recall prompted by Chuck E. Cheese and CEC was based on a promotional event for parents and teachers between April 2009 and June of this year.  These items were distributed for the purposes of celebrating birthdays, prior to the recall.

What should I do as part of the recall?

Chuck E. Cheese and CEC, Inc. as part of the light-up ring and eyeglasses recommends this action, immediately:

Those in possession of the light-up rings, for safety reasons, should remove the item from the reach of children right away.  The product can be taken to any local Chuck E. Cheese location in exchange for a soccer promotional plastic cup.  The other option for the recalled product is to get a $1.00 refund. Chuck E. Cheese tokens that can be used for games and entertainment accompany the recall solution.

If patrons are in receipt of the star eyeglasses that are included in the Chuck E. Cheese recall, there are options as well.  Again, remove the product away from your child, and take the recalled item to any Chuck E. Cheese location for a flashing hand prize or refund of $4.99.

If any additional information is needed on this recall, all inquiries are to be directed to Chuck E. Cheese at 888-778-7193, or the company’s official website.

Email correspondence can be sent to:  Chuck E. Cheese Guest Relations.

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