Chuck Season 3 Episode 3 – Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte

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2 days into Season 3 and we have now had 3 solid episodes (check out my review/recap of the first 2 here!)!  But woa…definitely didn’t see that end coming! Of course, NBC had to go and ruin any shock value of the last 2 minutes by showing scenes for next week.   I guess for a comedy, they couldn’t let us think that one of the main characters and MOST “awesome” characters was leaving the show (especially when his name and face are part of the opening credits now).

Yes, this episode was an AWESOME-centric episode.  Devon “Awesome” Woodcomb found himself envious of Chuck’s spy life as he was facing the POST-wedding blues with Ellie.  Before he knew it, he found himself immersed into one of Chuck’s missions as the Premier of Costa Gravas was poisoned and brought to his hospital.   Chuck and crew were charged with protecting Alejandro Goya from future attacks in order to preserve the first democratic vote in Costa Gravas history .  Things got more complicated due to the former Communist nation having a vendetta against John Casey who was sent on several missions to assassinate Goya (he obviously failed).  The people of Costa Gravas know him as the Angel de la Muerte (Angel of Death).  John was forced to lay low this mission.

Things turned around for Ellie and Awesome’s mundane married life when Goya came to invite them to some ball at their embassy in the US.  Chuck, using his “brother” card, worked his way into the ball as well so that he and Sarah could be there first hand to protect the Premier.

Lots of drama happened at the ball.  Chuck talked to Awesome and Ellie talked to Sarah about the complicated relationship of Chuck and Sarah.  Of course, no one was telling the entire truth.   Well, Awesome and Ellie obviously can see how much Chuck and Sarah have feelings for each other.  But, this wouldn’t be a TV Romance if we didn’t drag it out 10 more seasons!

Meanwhile, Casey identified a potential assassin.  Chuck used his new intersect to learn some kickin dance moves and got Sarah on the floor.  It was all very TRUE LIES but I loved every minute of it!  Chuck took out the threat but it turned out to be a protester and not the actual assassin.  Chuck flashed on one of the guards who was the true assassin but it was too late as Sarah and he were kicked out of the party.  Casey was called into action and dressed up hilariously as one of the guards (nice mustache!).  But Awesome, still having the “spy itch” saw a threat with a gun and went after Casey.   Casey is captured by the Costa Gravas guards and immediately recognized as the Angel de la Muerte.  It’s hard to believe that Ellie didn’t notice Casey at this point, but we’ll let it slide!  Goya, is again, seemingly in Awesome’s debt.

The climactic chapter brings Awesome fully onboard to the CIA mission as he escorts Chuck and Sarah to the Embassy as he needs to tend to the, once again, poisoned Premier.  Chuck and Sarah pose as a doctor and a nurse.  Sarah takes down the guards.  Meanwhile Casey is having some words with the Assassin who is now trying to kill him too.  Casey does get stabbed by the syringe while fighting the killer but manages to take him down.  He also ends up getting shot in the leg by another guard.

It all boiled down to a scene in the Premier’s bedroom where Chuck was forced to prove they were there to protect the Premier and not an assassin by proving he was in fact a doctor.  Once Chuck had a gun on him, the intersect took over and he surgically removed Casey’s bullet.  In order to save the Premier though, he needed type AB negative blood, which just happen to be Casey’s blood.  Casey strongly refused, but Chuck acted quickly with the anesthesia and knocked him out.  Everyone was saved!

Casey was rewarded with a box of expensive, probably illegal Cigars from the Premier and now dubbed “The Angel of Life”.  Awesome hung up his cape and was happy to have scratched his SPY itch.  Chuck and Sarah still had some things to work out.  They decided that their cover going forward will be “just friends,” but it is easier said than done.  Something tells me that will not be able to last all season!

And just when we think that would be enough for one episode, Ellie calls Awesome and tells him she has a surprise when he gets home.  Awesome tells her he has one more patient, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the assassin holding a syringe with the poison!

Flash to Sarah at Chuck’s door.  She whispers something about Awesome into Chuck’s ear.  They embrace.  Ellie walks across the courtyard and asks if either of them have seen her husband.  Roll credits…..TO BE CONTINUED!!!

Granted, my jaw was dropped for all of about 5 seconds!  I won’t get into the scenes from next week in case some people didn’t see it.  But that was some crazy stuff!   I’m still excited for next week’s episode. How about you guys?

What did everyone think of this episode? What do you think of the season so far?   Did you miss the Buy More antics this episode?  I kind of did, but it was nice to see them take the show in a different direction for one episode.  Fear not, I’m sure Jeffster will return before the season’s end!

A final congrats to Chuck for reeling in an average 7.5 Million viewers for the season premiere!  This is a 25% increase from the average last season and their highest ratings since the Super Bowl episode last season.  Things are looking up for the show and I’m looking forward to following the show for the rest of the year!

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