Chuck Season 3 Premiere Episodes 1 “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip” and 2 “Chuck vs. the Three Words”

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***Spoiler Alert!!!  Do not read below if you have not watched the Season 3 Premiere of Chuck that aired on Sunday January 10th! ***

All I can say is, thank God for Subway and some dedicated fans!  I cannot say I have ever seen a bad episode of Chuck.  Every episode just builds on top of the previous one.  But where the quality has always been good with Chuck, the ratings haven’t quite been there.  There was a fan campaign to buy $5 footlong Subway sandwiches during the season 2 finale last season that essentially played a large role in saving the show for a 3rd season.  Now, it’s up to the viewers to keep the show alive.  How can people not love this show?  Personally, I just cannot get enough of it.  I have watched 2 hours of season 3 and am thrilled that hour #3 is less than 24 hours away (click here for episode 3 recap as well)!

So, anyone who has been keeping up with Chuck knows that he found out that his father was the creator of the Intersect near the tail end of season 2.  And also, upon Bryce Larkin’s death (will it stick this time?), Chuck uploaded the upgraded version of the Intersect before destroying it for any further uploads.  Intersect 2.0 is fun for all as Chuck now inherits certain skills required for the job at hand.

What we have learned in season 3 though?  Chuck’s emotional side has become a vulnerability and a detractor from using the Intersect correctly.  Although, whenever it comes to defending Sarah, the Intersect seems to activate with no problem!

And yes, Sarah.  When we last left Chuck and Sarah, Sarah had begun to let her defenses down.  Time has fast forwarded 6 months in season 3 but we get a series of flashbacks showing why Sarah is being so cold to Chuck.  The CIA was ready to train Chuck as an actual Intersect Spy, but Sarah was ready to run away from it all.  It was all Chuck ever dreamed of.  He wanted the Intersect out of him and he wanted to be happy with Sarah.  There was an emotional meeting at a train station, but Sarah did not get the response from Chuck that she had expected.  He reluctantly opted to train to become a spy.  But the General deemed Chuck not worthy because of his emotional attachments.

Much of the first episode deals with Chuck in a funk.  He grew a beard, ate lots of cheese balls.  He found out that Casey and Sarah were still in town and tried to get back into the spy world.   He ends up sabotaging a cover that Sarah and Casey had been working months to build.  But, we did get to see Chuck flash and play some mariachi style guitar!   Ahh good times!

The rest of the crew?  Morgan didn’t quite succeed with his Benihana chef training and he also lost his girlfriend Anna.  The Buy More has been taken over by former Assistant Manager Emmitt Milbarge and without Chuck and Morgan there, the place has lost all signs of humanity!  No fear though, because of Chuck’s interfering in spy world, Milbarge got shot while listening to Wilson Phillips!  I mean, gotta love the tunes they pull out on Chuck, but killing a Buy More employee?  Even the guy everyone hates?  That is kind of crazy!  But no fear, at least Big Mike is back now!  By the end of episode 1, Chuck, Morgan and Casey are all back at work at the Buy More….thanks to Chuck becoming a liability to the world!

Captain Awesome is still being awesome.  And he will probably have much more to do since he has knowledge of Chuck being a spy.  (Great twist near the end of season 2!)  Ellie and Awesome, being newlyweds, have moved out of the apartment across the courtyard to a new apartment…paving the way for Chuck and Morgan to form their very own bachelor pad.  Long overdue!

Episode 1 ends with Chuck saving the day and gaining a piece technology from THE RING (the bigger corporate enemy in which FULCRUM was just one small cog).  Some kind of nifty smartphone.   This was enough for the General to reinstate Operation Bartowski, much to Chuck’s enjoyment but not to his protectors. Casey and Sarah are now tasked to protect the world from Chuck instead of protecting him from the world!

Episode 2 brought back an old favorite CIA agent in Carina.  She was working a cover to steal a top secret weapon.   And she needed to pull in Chuck, Sarah and Casey to get the job done.  Carina, a friend of Sarah’s, was able to read her like a book and knew that she still loves Chuck.  Chuck, as always, was under cover as Sarah’s boyfriend which gave him time to plead his case to Sarah.  But she is not an easy sell this time around!  Lots of tension between these 2 makes for some great TV!   But, you gotta love Zachary Levi’s performance when he flashed on the ability to weave through the Security Lasers to get that briefcase.  Stunning performance (and yes, kudos to his stunt double as well!).   I think we’re all going to benefit from Intersect 2.0!   (Totally forgot to mention the AWESOME Rocky III homage at the end of episode 1 with Chuck flashing on some boxing skills during training with Casey.  Wanna ring the bell?  DING DING!)

Long story short on episode 2.  They get the weapon, but it’s so secret that even Casey doesn’t have clearance to know what it is.  And we see the General pleading with a man off screen that they need to know what they’re dealing with.  Hmmmm, might this be a season long plot?

Morgan had a thing for Carina in her previous episode.  So all episode he tries to get her to come to his housewarming party.  She does show up with some of the Bad Guys.  And of course, not knowing who these people really are, Morgan shows some confidence and pretty much blows of Carina.  And shocking the entire world, this actually turned her on and she made Morgan one happy man that night (and the next morning)!

As for Chuck and Sarah?  More tense drama.  Chuck confessed why he left her at the train station while she was trying to save him from poison gas.  It was recorded, and Carina gave Sarah the recording at the end of the episode making everything clear to her.  Whew, did anyone else get a little teary eyed and wonder why these 2 just can’t work things out?!    Well, I think we all know that when they do….the show would get very less interesting!  Ahh the pain we all love to live with when we watch these crazy shows!

I’m sure there is tons I missed, but I’m just on a high from the show right now and wanted to share a bit.  I sure hope more people are watching this season because this is one show that deserves an audience.  It’s a lot of fun, and it’s very smart!   If you’re new to Chuck, check out Monday’s episode on NBC at 8/7c.  If you like what you see, go get yourself the DVDs of season 1 and 2 and catch up!  You won’t regret it.

Feel free to chime in on your thoughts on the season premiere below.  I’ll probably continue to chime in with my thoughts on this season from time to time.  So be sure to check back in with me.  Until then, keep on “Chucking!!”

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