Chumlee from ‘Pawn Stars’ Pays for Intricate, Painful Ink

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Chumlee, one of the stars of the TV show Pawn Stars has paid good money for some very intricately detailed–and probably rather painful–ink. It seems he always wanted to see a samurai fight a tiger, so he had the violent and rather gruesome scene tattooed onto his leg.

According to RadarOnline, even though the scene is definitely emerging on his lower leg, he still has about ten hours remaining in the painful process. He has already endured three rather painful sessions at the studio–Show Room Tattoo, in Las Vegas.

Chumlee is also out to dispel the myth that getting tattoos doesn’t hurt.

“To those who say it doesn’t hurt to get tattoos, stop lying! Every time I go it hurts worse!!” he says.

Even though millions of people are sporting the artistic ink, there are others who wonder why on earth people would pay the kind of money they do to intentionally have pain inflicted upon them. To some it seems like such an absurdity.

To others, like Chumlee, it’s a question of just how badly he wants to sport the gruesome scene on his body. And apparently, given the time and money–not to mention the pain he has already invested–he must really, really want the tattoo.

In that case, Chumlee, more power to you. But bear in mind that this money can’t be regained through a deal at the pawn shop. You can’t cash in on this handsome investment. It’s one that you’re stuck with for a lifetime–unless you plan on enduring even more pain and spending even more money.

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