Chupacabra found in Texas? Caught in photos and videos, perhaps.

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A Chupacabra found in Texas? That’s what some people say as chupacabra photos and news videos surface. They claim to be of the mythical animal, the chupacabra, being caught. Rumors of a potential chupacabra caught in Hood County, Texas are spreading like wild fire, but there are skeptics.  I think I fall in the camp of the skeptics.

So what are these things called chupacabras? Where do chupacabras come from and why haven’t we had a chupacabra caught in the past? The chupacabra is an animal in Hispanic folk legend, which literally trcanslates to “goat sucker.” Herald Now that is tasty sounding. “The name comes from goat herders finding goats insanguinated with puncture holes in their necks.” Sounds like some sort of vampire dog to me.

Fortunately (or I guess the goat herders) there has never been any actual chupacabras found…until this week, when a rancher killed one “la chupacabra” and animal control got another. Frank Howard, the of Hood County, Texas Animal control when asked if he thought it was a chupacabra, found in the barn said “I’m not sure on that part. All I know is it wasn’t normal. It was ugly…real ugly. I’m not gonna tell a lie on that one.” (Sic)

As for whether or not these were actually chupacabras found in Texas, we will have to wait for the DNA test to come back. In my opinion the chupacabra photos are stunning and a bit weird. My best guess is that the chupacabra found in Texas was just some sort of dog or coyote that has a really nasty skin disease.

Here is one ugly chupacabra video, courtesy of What do you think of la chupacabras? Do you think it is real, or more like the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot?


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