Chynna Phillips Gets a ‘DWTS’ Redo on ‘The View’

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Wednesday, Chynna Phillips stepped onto The View stage, ready to tell what happened to her on DWTS with regard to her very unexpected October 11 elimination.

Even though this talent was at or near the top of the leaderboard at the beginning of the competition, the fourth episode was her downfall. The singer from Wilson Phillips literally blanked out during her Monday performance, suddenly not remembering her routine at all as she headed toward the end of the dance.

But the show had to go on, so ballroom partner Tony Dovolani literally had Chynna’s back as he spoke the steps into this contestant’s ear as she continued to complete the choreography as best she could as to set the familiar movie theme song from Mission Impossible. Not to be mean in making these two relive the past, The View reran a clip of this tango that ended in, well, a mission impossible.

Yet, there it was. And as the judges noticed every nuance, Chynna Phillips whispered to Tony, “I don’t know what is going on.” And while this seems like a wild concept considering all the practice that went into this tango, Dovolani, who was on set with Chynna Phillips on October 13, told Sherri and Joy of The View that this sort of thing happens all the time in his business. He even admitted it happened to him during one of his earliest competitions.

As for Chynna? She said that, essentially, it is what is, commenting, “I choose to look through the windshield and not through the rear view mirror,” referring to the fact that this artist is moving forward to new projects after her great (but limited) experience on the TV talent show.

And then, just before Phillips and Dovolani got a do-over on The View as the duo did their tango from DWTS to near perfection, Dovolani was eloquent, pointing out, “Everone who gets on our show is already a winner.”

To be sure, this certainly pertains to Chynna Phillips (check out her The View Appearance here). As she said, “You ought to try cracking up on Dancing with the Stars,” she was not only a good sport, but a great dancer who sadly didn’t get to go as far as she had hoped on DWTS.

But she’ll be back to the hit ABC show at the end of the season, because that’s tradition on this very competitive program where celebrities learn how to act like expert hoofers. As for The View, well, expect Chynna Phillips back there too because she said she and her fellow band mates are going to be starring in a TV reality show and that’s reason enough to celebrate with Joy, Whoopi, Sheri, Barbara, and Elisabeth. Right? Right.

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