Ciara’s Wardrobe Malfunction a Paris Nip Slip

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As if Ciara’s see-through lace turtleneck dress wasn’t enough, she had a wardrobe malfunction, sitting right next to Jennifer Hudson at another show! Poor Ciara…what a time for a nip slip.

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?Yes, Ciara left her boobs hanging out at the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion week. The singer is the latest in the line of singers and other superstars who have had an unfortunate bout with public wardrobe malfunctions.

It seems at times that paparazzi are actually just trying to get that one “special” shot, and clearly someone did here…catching one of Ciara’s areolas sticking out of the top of her low neckline. One might think the polite thing to do when there is a wardrobe malfunction is to go up to the poor girl and tell her that her nipple is poking out.

Then again when a celebrity like Ciara (are you listening Nicki Minaj?) opts to wear low-cut, extra-tight, barely there clothes, accidents are bound to happen. So, another week, another wardrobe malfunction. Of course, this one could have been avoided if the girl just wore something that fit.

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