Cincinnati High School Pays Students to Attend and Get Good Grades

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A Cincinnati High School has created a plan to pay students in Visa gift cards simply for attending, acting right and getting good grades. These things are normally expected without payment, but the Dohn Community High School charter school has reached a state of emergency, and had to try something.

Cincinnati High School Pays Students to Attend. Get Good GradesShockingly, the amounts the Cincinnati High School is paying are fairly high. Seniors get $25 a week while underclassmen get $10 a week. One hundred dollars just for going to school and doing what you are already supposed to be doing is a pretty sweet deal don’t you think?

The amounts are enough to make a difference to students in the school because many of them live below the poverty level. Right now Dohn Community High has $40,000 to fund the program, and they hope to increase their graduation rates, which will help students with their futures.

The school’s CEO Kenneth Furrier said, “We tell our kids that they should treat school like it’s their job and then they say they don’t get paid. Now they can get paid.”

This is true. While the amounts are well below what jobs pay, if students use the incentive to get better about attendance, it can hopefully help them secure better paying jobs in the future because they will have an education.

The good news about this Cincinnati high school’s plan to pay its students to attend, behave, and get good grades is that the research shows that it does improve reading, which is a vitally important life skill.

What do you think about this plan? Do you think it’s too much to pay these kids to go to school? If your high school had paid you, would it have changed how you approached your schoolwork? Do you think your own children could benefit from this type of incentive?

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