Citizen Kane meets Private Parts… Rush Limbaugh, the MOVIE?!?

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Oh my! Detroit’s reports that a movie about the Bloviating Blowhard of EIB is to be made from a book entitled, “The Rush Limbaugh Story: Talent on Loan from God,” an “unauthorized biography” written by Paul Colford.

The script, described by its writer/producer James Sclafani as “Citizen Kane meets Private Parts,” has also been called, “a close cousin to the Oliver Stone-directed George W. Bush feature W,” since it tries to get beneath the public persona.

Rush Limbaugh did not stand in the way of the book as it was written, but he may want to distance himself from seeing some parts of his life reenacted for the world to see. It is, in my view, unlikely that Rush will wish to see himself “humanized.”

His public persona is that of “the expert,” the one to whom all others come. He forces apologies from public figures throughout the Right, by excoriating, ridiculing and diminishing them on his radio show. See stories about groveling GOP elected officials and the RNC Chairman here, here and HERE

Any movie made of Rush’s life that does not dig deeply into the making of that psyche will fail, because we can see for ourselves, in our mind’s eye anything else, as we listen to him talk on Radio. As the article said, Rush is “…a man who always had trouble relating to people in the outside world, but does it effortlessly in the booth,” said Sclafani, adding that Limbaugh is the proverbial fat kid, ignored in high school, and determined to prove everyone they were wrong about him. “There’s this anecdote about a game of spin the bottle in high school. The bottle pointed at him, and the pretty girl who was supposed to kiss him ran away, and that stayed with him,”

Who wants to be the man who knows THATpathetic scene is being played out across the world in front of everyone who worships, or worse, despises, you?

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