Civil a zation

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Meld the mysterious into sensations of Mercury’s mystical cosmos,

Stand in awe at the creation of stars in the spiraling Orion Galaxy

Ascending and descending, the spirit knows the secrets of creation;

Like is known by like as the Creators are known by the creation.


 I am Dumuzid, the shepherd, a god

Uniquely child of Heaven and of Earth

The consort of the goddess, Inanna

Fifth king of Bad-tibira, my re-birth.


Again the formless firmament did breathe

As fresh and salt of Chaos waters merged

Eternal Thought created All from One

Holy spiritual beings did emerge.


Anunnaki were council to the gods

An, Enlil, Ninhursag, the Queen

As Shepherd, I have lived in both the worlds

The Tablets of Destiny, I have seen.


From the point of Emanation, to Wisdom, to Understanding

Can we balance our higher knowledge with eternity’s concept?

Ezekiel’s chariot, from amber clouds turned as wheels within wheels.

Existing in the worlds of the Divine, Spirit, Psyche and Physical, WE.



Nammu gave An a son named, Enki

Nammu and Enki created man from clay

Adamu, first of the black-headed ones

“Let us make man in OUR image” they say.


Let’s create Ninti, lady of the rib.

Inana planted the Huluppu tree

Within the roots, a serpent made its nest

In the trunk the dark maid Lilith you’ll see.


“When the kingship of Heaven was lowered

The kingship was in Enki’s Eridu”

The beings of Heaven and Earth emerged

And Inana’s Houses of Heaven grew.


“And the sons of god saw…daughters of man

They bare children unto them…mighty men”

Dumuzid observed many temples built

To Inana, daughter of goddess, Suen.


This was: 

Sumerian (ca. 6000BC – 3000BC)


In Southern Mesopotamia (Iraq) about 6000B.C. the sag-giga “the black-headed people” settled in “city-states”. There they developed year round agriculture, surplus food, and division of labor, temples and record keeping which led to writing. This was the “Cradle of Civilization”.


These are parts of an epic poem of the worlds empires and belief systems that I am working on.

                          Richard Lynn Livesay

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