Clad in white at The Tourist premiere, Angelina Dons Black to Take Her Girls Shopping in NYC (picture)

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The Tourist premiere on Monday night was chilly but that wouldn’t describe the reception Angelina Jolie got on the red carpet. Clad in a white cashmere dress with a high thigh slit, accompanied by her significiant other, Brad Pitt (who kept a protective hand on her derriere throughout the picture-taking), Angelina Jolie braved the cold and showed everyone why she is a star to be reckoned with–and then, the next day, returned to Mommyhood as she dressed more appropriately for the weather and took her girls, Zahara and Shiloh, to Lee’s Art Store. It was her second trip that week, as she and Brad had stopped by that day to buy supplies for their creative kids with their twins in tow, Vivienne and Knox, 2.

Of course, all fashion talk tends to center around not just mom and dad but the kids as well. Zahara, soon to be 6, is a more conservative and girly dresser than her sister, Shiloh, soon to be 5, who tends to dress (and act) as if she’s a boy. Having been interviewed on this subject many times, Jolie and Pitt both stress that they are simply allowing Shiloh to follow her inner fashion guide and be the tomboy she wants to be. Her mother calls her style “Montenegro style” and even people in Montenegro don’t really know what that means.

As Brad Pitt remarked on the red carpet the other night, it is imperative to their family that each child get some time alone with Mom and Dad as well as with their siblings. However, given their jet-settling lifestyle and bevy of nannies, isn’t it difficult to imagine what goes into keeping their family on schedule? Do you think Brad and Angelina are good parents? Or just movie stars with enough money to keep things looking good?

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