Claim: Leah Messer of ‘Teen Mom’ Still Loves Ex-Husband

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She may or may not have just walked down the aisle with Jeremy Calvert (although there is no confirmation, all signs point to yes), and now a friend of Leah Messer is claiming that Leah is very much in love—with Corey Simms!

It’s a claim that has been made in the tabloids for months. One week, sources are saying that Leah still loves Corey, and the week after, new sources claim that Corey still loves Leah. It seems to be a vicious cycle with no end in sight, no matter what the two say or do.

According to Hollywood Life, this week’s claims come from a “close friend” of Leah who tells Us Weekly:

“Leah isn’t in love with Jeremy the way she loved Corey. She trusts Jeremy and knows he’s good for her daughters. Right now, that’s more important than how she feels.”

A source goes onto suggest that Leah didn’t want to lose Jeremy and feared that she would if Corey didn’t feel the same way about her.

This, of course, goes against everything from an earlier report where Leah allegedly told the same magazine that Jeremy was “the one.”

So, who is more believable, Leah Messer or a source who is supposedly close to her? Too often, the Teen Moms have to endure their friends (or people who they thought were friends) trying to make money off of their fame. Leah isn’t the only girl from the show who has had to deal with this either. Chelsea Houska had to deal with rumors that she was a “pill popper” after a source close to her sold the story and Jenelle Evans is all too familiar with people close to her selling her out as well.

What it boils down to is that, even if they aren’t “in love,” Leah Messer and Corey Simms share a bond because they have twin daughters. Obviously, there will always be emotions involved, but it doesn’t mean that they are still pining over one another.

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