Clark Gable’s Grandson Arrested for Allegedly Pointing a Laser

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Clark Gable’s grandson was arrested on suspicion of shining a laser into the cockpit of an LAPD helicopter. 22 year-old Clark James Gable was out with his buddy, 23 year-old Maximillian Anderson, joyriding around Hollywood on Thursday, July 28, 2011, when he allegedly began to shine the laser at the helicopter. As the helicopter took evasive action, the laser hit it two more times.

The helicopter is equipped to track vehicles and sent patrol cars after the men. They claim that they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong, let alone a felony. They didn’t realize how unsafe laser pointers are, potentially causing a crash as the pilot can experience vertigo or temporary blindness.

Common sense dictates that shining any kind of light into the field of vision of someone driving or flying would be a dumb thing to do. Perhaps they didn’t mean anything malicious by it, but it was a dangerous game to be playing. Supposedly he was trying to shine the light at the Hollywood sign, but to “miss” three times?

Clark Gable’s grandson definitely shares his good looks. They have the same eyes and eyebrows and killer smile. Clark James Gable is also an actor. But unlike his grandfather, he seems to get himself into trouble. In 2009 he was stabbed in the chest after an altercation with another partygoer in Calabasas.

Bail was posted by a bail bond firm that possibly set up a publicity stunt as they had TV reporters film the release of Clark Gable’s grandson from jail. This is not a good way to boost a fledgling acting career, though it will garner you fifteen minutes of fame. A court date is scheduled for August 26th.

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