Cleveland Cavaliers-Atlanta Hawks Trade Coming?

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A Cleveland Cavaliers-Atlanta Hawks trade of Ramon Sessions for Marvin Williams is starting to make the rounds. At this stage it is really just a rumor, but it is one that has started to pick up steam. The trade makes sense for both teams, especially because neither has to give up a major asset and due to Cleveland still being under the NBA salary cap, the salaries of the two players involved don’t have to match up.

According to The News-Herald, Cavaliers GM Chris Grant even drafted Williams when he was with Atlanta, showing that Grant could have an affinity to acquiring him. Both teams are looking to make a push towards the 2012 Eastern Conference Playoffs, even though the Cavaliers have a bit further to go. Even though Cleveland is at 13-18 this season, it puts the team just one and a half games behind the Boston Celtics (15-17) for the No. 8 seed.

Atlanta is at 20-14 this year, but the team could certainly use a boost on offense and Williams doesn’t seem to fit what the franchise is trying to do. Though this isn’t a trade that would make the front page of sports section in most major cities, it is the type of deal that could net a team that role player that might make the different in March or April. If a trade starts to form though, it’s also possible that Cleveland starts getting better offers for Sessions from teams that need guards even more.

Do you think a trade of Ramon Sessions for Marvin Williams works for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks? Does either team have a realistic shot to go deep into the NBA postseason?

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