Cleveland DJ Dominic Dieter Advocates Rape to Turn Girl Straight

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Controversial Cleveland DJ Dominic Dieter, just got even more disgusting this week when he suggested that a father get one of his friends to rape away the gay. The kerfuffle began when the sexist DJ read a father’s email on his show. It seems the father had caught his teenage daughter kissing a girl and was worried she might be a lesbian.

Dominic’s advice? “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.” This is from the same man who works on the Morning Rover Show—the same show that held a contest to see how many people, male and female, could keep their lips on a cast member’s body parts to win a trip to see Kiss in Washington D.C. This included men keeping their lips on the man’s nipple and groin.

And this guy was advocating for the father to get one of his friends to rape the gay away? Well, that sounds perfectly reasonable, seeing as how this is also a man who works on a show that offers a “Hook-up Hottie” on the show’s blog every week, obviously geared toward horny males. Although the girls are fully clothed, the fact that they’re called “hook-up hotties” makes it fully clear what these guys want.

The fact that Dominic Dieter, who obviously has some issues, would tell a father to get one of his friends to screw his daughter straight is not only disgusting, but it shows just how far some men are willing to go to force their will on others.

This is a nation supposedly based on freedom. When one group is consistently discriminated against for whatever reason, be it race, sexual preference or religion, it is no longer free. At least, it isn’t for those being discriminated against. The United States was created under the assumption that all people are equal, and for this small-minded man in Cleveland to suggest that a young girl’s father ask one of his friends to rape her to turn her straight is appalling. It doesn’t matter if he was joking or not. It’s hate speech, which is completely unacceptable.

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