Clint Eastwood Doesn’t Care That Some Didn’t Like His RNC Speech

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Clint Eastwood’s taken a lot of flack for his empty chair speech at the Republican National Convention. People are angry that he dared to defame President Barack Obama. However, Eastwood says he doesn’t care what people think or say.

Appearing today on Good Morning America, Eastwood says the impromptu speech stemmed from him forgetting his glasses. He couldn’t read anything without them. As for the empty chair on stage, he says that was an accident too. A stage hand asked him if he wanted a chair and he told him to place it next the podium. That supposedly led to his speech idea.

Eastwood says his age has something to do with him not caring about what people think. “There is something about the aging process that makes you give a crap less,” he said.

Some people would love nothing more than to have freedom of speech limited to the Democratic point of view. However, so far this country hasn’t become a dictatorship. That’s a good thing.

There was a time when calling out the president or even calling him names got labeled “patriotic”. But then that was when George W. Bush was in office. New rules seem to apply under the current administration.

Many people aren’t satisfied with either presidential candidate. They long for one that meets somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. There are two parties that have a right to speak and make their point so that the people can make an informed choice on election day. The day America quiets one party’s voice, while allowing the other’s voice to ring free and clear, is the day the country ceases to mean anything.

Agreeing with someone’s speech isn’t really the issue. It’s all about their right to have a say. Clint Eastwood had his just as many other celebrities did at the Democratic National Convention. It’s time to drop the petty complaints and to talk about the things that are really impacting this country. If no one is willing to do that, instead of crying and pointing fingers, then it’s time to admit a much deeper problem exists.

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