Clinton to be Obama's SECRETARY OF STATE?!!

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Condoleezza Rice to Hillary Clinton…? That's one hell of a transition.

I thought after Clinton's heartbreaking defeat in the primaries that her political career would fade away and be forgotten. Even though she rigorously  campaigned for Obama throughout the general election, she didn't get much press or attention.

After being passed over for VP and then being refused funds to settle her campaign debt, it seemed to me that Obama had completely disregarded Clinton. However it looks like all her hardwork might finally be paying off with a potential Secretary of State position.

Apparently the two met up in Chicago last Thursday for a private meeting which got tipped off by an anonyomous democratic official. Since Obama has already tapped into several former Clintonites, it would make sense that she would be considered for such a senior position. I'm curious to see if the two can actually bury the hatchet though and work as a team. It's no big secret that Clinton's sincerity as an Obama supporter has been questioned in the past.

Given Clinton's active role in foreign affairs, and her history as first lady, I think she would certainly qualify. Whether she would be a good fit for Obama's cabinet however… I'm still undecided.

What do you think?

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