‘Close Encounters’ UFO Filmed From Plane Over Chiba, Japan (Video)

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A UFO, looking amazingly like the mothership from “Close Encounters” was filmed from a private plane flying over the town of Chiba, Japan.

The unidentified flying object appears about a minute into the video below, posted to YouTube, and, at first is too far away to make out with any great clarity. But, as the witness zooms in, the UFO comes into focus and reveals some unusual detail.

It appears to be circular, with blinking lights running all around its hull. Its similarity to the classic image of the ship from the Spielberg movie is undeniable and, although the occupants are speaking Japanese, it’s obvious they are looking at something they have never seen before.

The video is several minutes long, with the second segment given over to some unfortunate musical overdubbing. But the enhanced, slow-motion version, with the image enlarged, proves this is no ordinary aircraft.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video:

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