Closing Ceremony Vancouver 2010

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For the past couple weeks, people everywhere have been watching, talking, eating, and dreaming the Winter Olympics. From fur-tastic figure skaters to pregnant curlers and a “Mean Girls” rivalry between US skiing teammates, the Olympic headlines (oh yeah, and the athletic games that took place along the way) will soon be closing their curtains with a ceremony that boasts to be extraordinary and jammed packed with celebrities.

Personally I’m just glad it’ll all be over. I guess the Olympics just don’t do it for me (please be gentle…).  Now I can get on with my life… and when I say “get on with my life” I mean getting my weekly dose of The Office. Because of the Vancouver games some of NBC’s shows have been put aside and frankly, I don’t think I can physically or emotionally take it any longer. I mean, come on…. Did Pam have her baby yet? Have Dwight and Ryan come up with another evil plan to destroy Jim? Will Michael ever meet his true love and not completely ruin it by saying something inappropriate?? I need answers! *pulls hair out maniacally…*

The festivities in Vancouver will begin at 8:30 P.M. ET and aired on NBC.


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