Closing Guantanamo

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It's only a matter of time before we close Guantanamo. The dilemma facing the Washington bureaucrats is what to do with the prisoners.  Plans are already underway to turn the property into an all-inclusive resort. So that's not an issue. Anticipated packages will include all the La Tropical beer and Cuba Libres you can drink, plus one Cohiba cigar after dinner.

I should remind the ACLU and other misdirected human rights groups of certain facts:

The prisoners were captured on various battle fields in our War on Terror.

While there may not be DNA and eye witnesses to tie all of them to a specific crime; it is undisputed that if released they would gladly kill the first infidel they came upon.

The Geneva Convention is irrelevant if signed unilaterally. If you fight clean in a street fight you will lose.

Col. Hogan did not have access to legal counsel, nor did John McCain.

I presume that the only reason we take prisoners of war, rather than killing them,  is due to the Geneva Convention; as we hope our prisoners will be treated the same. This is wishful thinking. The only US soldiers captured during the War on Terror were beheaded and their bodies dragged through the streets.

 I do agree that torture should not be used. However, taking pictures of naked prisoners is not torture. And there are exceptions to every rule. When Jack Bauer has someone in custody, that he is certain knows where the nuclear device is located, he's justified in using whatever means necessary to get the information. Which will ultimately save millions of lives.

 My favorite quote from  the movie Swordfish is: "You have the power to cure all the world's diseases but the price for this is that you must kill a single innocent child, could you kill that child Stanley?" I know I watch too much TV. However, is a minority candidate being elected president, on The West Wing, and then nominating his opponent for Secretary of State just a coincidence.

It's ironic that in the middle of writing this article I took a break to watch the movie Rendition on TV. In the movie, the CIA goes overboard with their accusations and subsequent torture of an innocent man. The prisoner was transported overseas, where there is more torture expertise. This somehow made it OK in the CIA's eyes. True to life, the CIA and a Senator in the plot, would not admit that they had the wrong man and that torture didn't work in this case and probably results in little  useful information in most other cases.

 So what do we do with the Guantanamo prisoners? The alternatives, as I see them, include the following:

 Release them in the US. This would be known as the "fox in the hen house program" and would be the worst choice.

Try the worst offenders in US courts and after convicting them put them up at a Federal prison for life at the taxpayers expense. Not only would this choice be very costly; the terrorists would end up spending the rest of their lives in better conditions than many Americans. The only thing they would be giving up is their freedom and Muslims place no value on freedom. This would be viewed by self-righteous liberals as following the rule of law and by the rest of the world as a Kangaroo Court.

Return all prisoners to the country where they were captured or born, one of my favorites. If they are captured again during the commission of a terrorist act against US interests they would be shot on sight. The liberals in the US don't like this option as they are fearful that the prisoners would be rearrested and tortured by the country they are returned to. You mean that other people in the world think they are dangerous terrorists also. I'm shocked.


My final and favorite alternative is to open the Guantanamo gates and let them go.  I got this idea from Fidel. This would be the least expensive choice. The only risk here is that there is a chance they may show up on a shrimp boat in Key West. This would be considered an act of war and they would be shot on sight. The chances of a Muslim or a Cuban, for that matter, going fishing in Cuba and accidently running out of gas and drifting to Key West are about the same as me winning the Power Ball.


And finally, when the Guantanamo Naval base is closed; let's move on. You can keep arguing whether "waterboarding" is illegal. However, what purpose is served? This would be a waste of time and money. You would be attempting to prosecute a person who is willing to risk his life for this country. Are you? You also assume that  the alleged victim would stay in the USA for the trial, when he would rather be back home in a cave planning his next attack.


I'll leave you with the words of my  great great granddaddy W.T. Sherman: "War is hell."

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