Clothes Shopping For Free at Kmart

This morning I took the boys to Kmart to use the 14 dollar coupon off a 14 dollar purchase that I received last Sunday, when I went shopping at their double coupon sale. Last week I spent 15.77 dollars, and I saved $59.60.


I had my eye on some summer clothes for the boys, as I had seen they had some cute tank tops. With 95 degrees, I really do not understand how anyone can actually walk around in a t shirt- in my family we wear tank tops to get the air flow going.

I first checked the size 8s for Roshane, but then I found a section where infant and toddler shorts and tank tops were on sale for $1.79 each (reg. price $2.99 each). I ended up choosing 8 pieces, 5 for baby E in size 6/9 and 12 months and three pieces in a size four for Skyler Kai. I am assuming that Baby E will be just as much of a beach boy as his older brothers, and the two oldest approved of my choices.


For Baby E:


About a month ago we went shopping for summer clothes for Roshane at Target, and he got two sets of tanks and shorts in the same blue and red. Since the boys will all be matching, everyone was happy as Sky and Roshane love to wear matching clothes.


For Skyler Kai:


My total came out to $15.08 after tax, so for $1.08 I was able to get everything above.

I saved $9.60 on the clothes because it was on sale, and when adding the $14 coupon, it comes out to a total savings of $23.60.

I am not really a Kmart fan, when it comes to clothes, but I could not even beat this deal, even if I went to the thrift store.

After Kmart we went to the park before walking home in the Florida heat, which has really set in. This meant that we got both some free fun and 1.5 miles of free exercise.



Where do you buy your children’s clothes?




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