Cloud Gazing – Saturday Writing Essential

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Saturday Writing Essential – Cloud Gazing


First hear my rant: I’m sick of cyber life!


I started with Facebook, then discovered Gather, and when the latter crashed at the end of April, I first got onto by Ann Marcaida’s invitation, then created a blog at, which was a requirement for participating in Kintsugi Poets Society Blog Hop, which led to a Twitter account and a Google+ account. So now I’m also a blogger, a tweeter, a google-plusser and totally FED UP with cyber life!  


The problem is I’m addicted to cyber little pieces of wisdom framed in pretty colourful pictures. I’m addicted to colourful dreams that I can also find in the sky. All I can do is invite you to come cloud-gazing with me.  


Cloud Gazing – A Tercetonine


On a sunny winter afternoon

I strolled out of my cocoon

Then pranced outside and upward glanced:


There across the pale blue sky

Woolly clouds are passing by

And I watch their tale, as above they sail


Hey, a kind of kangaroo I see

Not just one, but two or even three

They’re not stopping. No! Off they’re hopping!


From cloud to cloud I search

Ah! There’s a parrot on a perch

That’s exactly what I spy with my little eye


You might be spying something else

From your side of the fence

Whatever you can see is fine with me


Why, a monster! I knew he’d appear

A tale without him would be dull and queer

“He’s bad”, you shout. Well, we’ll soon find out!


Quite a topic for a lively conversation

Letting loose our wild imagination

So let’s together race into outer space


There to spin some curly, breezy tales

For the snazzy, snow-white woolly bales

Riding high in the pale blue sky



P.S., Re: Tercetonine. I created this form for Mindful Poetry Contest 2012 out of sheer frustration because I couldn’t master Dante’s terza rima. 

Each stanza has 3 lines (tercet).                                                             

The first two lines rhyme.

The third line contains internal rhyme. 

With Susan Budig’s help this form was named Tercetonine and featured as a challenge in Mindful Poetry Contest 2013. Some of you will remember the 16 wonderful tercetonines that dealt with Australia.

Tercetonine comes from tercet, which is what each stanza is. And leonine, Internal rhyme: rhymes between a word within a line, often from a medial position (termed also leonine) and one at the end of the line. (Susan Budig)


© irina dimitric 2013


The Rules:

  • Put this challenge statement at the beginning or end of your submission so readers will know what you’re supposed to do.

Challenge: Write one or two paragraphs of prose about any subject and then write a poem that says the same thing (using different words). Conversely, write a poem about any subject and then write one or two paragraphs of prose that say the same thing (using different words).

  • There is a limit of three submissions from each member per day. If you’re extremely prolific, spread out your work and post only three submissions per day.
  • Post to Gather Writing Essential.
  • Tag your submission with SatWE.
  • Include (Saturday Writing Essential) as part of your title.
  • I ask that you make your submission(s) by next Friday afternoon.

Good Writing!

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