” CLOUDY , WITH A CHANCE ….” cpyrt2009 LOnnie Ray Fowler

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With   the  cloud   of   the  economy ,

With  the cloud  of  the  War ,

With  the  cloud  of  unemployment

And  the  wolf  at  the  door —

With  our  country  in  peril,

And  our  nation  in  pain ….

The  forecast  is  simple ,

The  signs  are  quite  plain:


With  a  good  chance  of  rain.


The  only  silver lining

To  these  clouds  that  we  glance –

Is  the  hope;  Oh,  the  hope!,

That  it’s  cloudy—with   ‘ ‘ A  Chance  ”  !!!!


Copyright 2009,  Lonnie Ray  Fowler

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Some folks are born with a silver spoon. I was born with a pen in one hand and paper in the other. Poet from 13 to 20. Songwriting, and poetry from 20 until now. Also, working on my first book now. Trying to give the writing side of me one last good chan

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