CNBC Calls “Bullsh*t” on Obama

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During President Obama’s town hall meeting Thursday, a female voice on CNBC accidentally cut into the coverage, saying “bullsh*t.” Uh . . . oops?

What’d she call bullsh*t on exactly? Obama had been talking about job training and infrastructure:

“But it’s a matter of making the investment in infrastructure and also then training the workers to be able get those jobs, and that’s where we’re going to be focused on. That’s where the job growth is going to occur,” he said. “One last point I want to make and I know I’m not supposed to talk this long . . . “

“Bullsh*t,” a female voice interjects. CNBC then cuts to its anchors, and a male anchor nervously laughs. Take a look here.

What do you think: Is this really amusing or “shame on CNBC!”?

source: The Huffington Post, The Raw Story

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