Portfolio Challenge; Report your results here.

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It’s Back…and it’s Bigger and Better! Are you ready for the second Portfolio Challenge? All you need to do is register with a account, and you can create FIVE separate portfolios with $1,000,000 CNBC Bucks each. That means you can trade five different strategies for your chances to win….

Register today at for this year’s portfolio challenge. The new challenge begins May 12.

Note that this year’s challenge includes both stock and currency trading. I’m jazzed about the currency trading, as I’ve done quite well in picking international currencies that have gone up in value over the years. (BTW, the farther the dollar falls in value, the better international currency looks!) The top winner gets $500,000 with cash and other prizes to finalists. Give yourself a chance to get acquainted or re-test your skills in the market, and perhaps take home a nice prize as a result.

For more on last year’s challenge, check out The Bottom Line EXTRA: Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. Feel free to post your own results this year, under the common tag of portfolio challenge. Search for other posts using “portfolio challenge” in quotes. Let’s have some fun seeing how we stack up!’s 2008 Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge 

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