CNN anchor Campbell Brown leaving show – low ratings are the reason

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CNN’s Campbell Brown is stepping down as host of ‘Campbell Brown.’ The reason she gave is that the ratings are lower than she wants them to be. This change has been a long time coming for her, and she wanted to be honest about why she left the show.

She didn’t want to add any ‘spin’ to her move. So, finally, somebody simply admitting the truth. I admire that. Campbell Brown left her show because ‘Campbell Brown’ had low ratings. That is wonderful for her to tell it just like it is.

‘Campbell Brown’ aired at 8 pm EDT on CNN while Fox News shows ‘The O’Reilly Factor.’ All in all, the 8 pm slot is one of the toughest spots on cable news featuring not only Bill O’Reilly, but also Nancy Grace and Keith Olbermann. Brown said that she is not a pundit but rather a journalist.

CNN has yet to announce new programming for the time slot. I wish Campbell Brown luck in whatever she does in the future. I think it took guts to admit the truth.

Source: New York Daily News

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