CNN's Christiane Amanpour on covering the world

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CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour has covered just about every major story over the past 25 years, but it was her reporting about the genocide in the Balkans that she says was one of her most meaningful assignments. She says she “found her voice” as a correspondent during that time, and she redefined for herself what it means to be objective:

“It does not mean treating all sides equally. It does not mean drawing a false equivalance when no equivalence exists. It does not mean saying that the little boy or the woman or the old man who was slaughtered as he went to get bread or lined up to get water or whatever was somehow equal or is somehow the same as the person who’s sitting on the hills and choosing to bombard and snipe and slaughter.”

CNN’s award-winning journalist Christiane Amanpour said this in converation with fellow journalist Marvin Kalb at the National Press Club in Washington, and that discussion is featured on Word for Word.

How does Amanpour’s realization resonate with you? What does it mean to be objective in the media? What do you expect from the media? Is it ever unfair to give opposing sides equal time? Are being fair and telling the truth not always the same thing?


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