Coachella 2012 Live Stream Online: Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre Concert Time Announced

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The Coachella 2012 live stream online schedule had not announced the official performance time for Dre and Snoop until Sunday. Now it appears they will close out the show in what could be a grand finale full of surprise performances. There could even be a few “reincarnated” rap stars showing up for hit songs.

For Sunday’s Coachella live stream, the Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre concert will be tonight 10:35 p.m. PT, 1:35 am EST. This is considerably late for some East coast dwellers, especially if they’ve got work or school on Monday. However, their fans are surely excited these two artists performing and may find the lack of sleep in order to see this event worth it. Fans can click in online and watch the Snoop Dogg and Dr, Dre Coachella 2012 concert live stream online.

A recent article mentions rumors of Eminem joining the performance as well. A concert goer says she heard Eminem would join the performance while deceased Pomona resident Nate Dogg would make a cameo via hologram. This could be a huge way to close out the weekend of live performances, and the coolest thing is that people who couldn’t be there live, can watch it live online. Check it out at the Coachella YouTube channel tonight.

Will you be staying up to watch the Coachella 2012 live stream performance by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre tonight? Which other rappers do you think will show up as a surprise?

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