Coachella: Crazy Party in the Desert!

If you hit The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival this weekend, you may have been pretty bummed about the weather. Totally weird for the California Desert! No worries for a lot of the attendees because the festival has turned into something of an interconnected party scene. Goldenvoice promoters were granted a city permit for 95,000 people to attend, add that to the contractors, food vendors, etc. and you have a huge crowd! The mayor of Indio, Glenn Miller, agrees saying another 20,000 to 25,000 people show up to attend parties, work or just hangout. Goldenvoice says they guard their brand closely and only hook up with a few companies. Its become a pop-cultural phenomenon that lots of brands want to be associated with.

YouTube streams the entire festival and are also the biggest sponsors. Other sponsors include Heineken and Playstation. Goldenvoice VP Skip Paige says, “To be involved with Coachella, it’s not free. Coachella is a high-end property.” But that doesn’t stop other companies on cashing in. There are so many parties all over the area it’s hard to keep track. Many are exclusive to the rich and pretty people who flock in from the Los Angeles area. Paige says the sponsors set the parties up ‘guerrilla-style’ because they’re not good enough to brand with Goldenvoice! Looks like someone’s ego is on the loose! Goldenvoice will never have the total control they want because they can’t trademark a city name.

Does any of that made the other parties suck? Hell no! There’s a party for everyone, music, fashion, swimming and more. SKYY Vodka is hosting SKYY Infusions Coconut Escape pool party with SPIN Magazine. KCRW, the Santa Monica College public radio station is hosting a weekend-long party at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. On Thursday (and next Thursday), there was a kick-off party hosted by FILTER Magazine at the Corona Yacht Club (where they gave away free underwear!). The LACOSTE L!VE Pool Party at Coachella presented by HTC lasts the entire weekend and is sure to be packed with celebs. Many of the parties will have encore parties next weekend so no one misses the fun.

The best parties will probably be the ones most people will never hear of! There will be hotel parties, of course, but the mansion parties will be the hottest place to be this year. Tons of local mansions were rented out for the weekend, some for the entire week to include both festival weekends. The celebs are coming out in droves to enjoy the music and just to relax. Some of the celebs spotted have been Katy Perry, Gerard Butler, Haylie Duff, Chord Overstreet, Emma Roberts, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ke$ha, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, David Hasselhoff, and Penn Badgley. Next weekend should be even better for celeb spotting with much better weather expected!

Check out the live stream on YouTube HERE.

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