Coachella: Weekend Two Is Sizzling!

Last weekend, visitors to the legendary Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival were bummed to find their weekend escape to the California desert rather wet…and windy…and dreary. Ticket holders for Weekend Two won’t have the same problem, in fact, they’re gonna pay for last weekend’s misery! Yes, last weekend’s festival goers can sit back and laugh their butts off while Weekend Two’rs ROAST!

Weekend Two kicked off with heat in the high 90’s early today and it hit over 100 degrees later in the day! It’s expected to stay just as hot as the weekend progresses. Great news for the boys. Why? The girls get to hang up the rain gear and show their true Coachella style! What to wear to the festival is a huge deal with girls (and fashion conscious guys) planning and tweeting their intended outfits for weeks, even months, ahead of time. Websites and style guides abound with ideas and suggestions and California stores advertising festival clothes long before the event. None of those included rain gear!

Festival visitors who plan to show off lots of skin (read: everyone!) should be sure to take precautions by wearing super strong sunscreen and reapplying often, sunglasses, big, floppy hats and most important, water…bring as much water as you can carry! If you have to pay for it there, you will regret it at $2 a bottle. You can’t bring water into the gates, but you can have it in the camping area. Listen to your body, if you start to feel faint, get muscle cramps, swelling, headache, weakness, thirst, or nausea go to the medic tent immediately! Heat stroke can kill you! You may not want to miss The Black Keys, but you’ll miss a lot more if you’re dead!

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