Coby Brooks Hooters CEO on Undercover Boss [VIDEO]

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Coby Brooks, Hooters CEO, appeared on the second episode of “Undercover Boss” on CBS. Hooters CEO Cody Brooks’ had an experience that was similar to the Waste Management CEO last week. However, Coby Brooks didn’t have to clean the toilets.

One woman told the undercover Brooks that she thinks that Hooters is “degrading to women.” This episode isn’t likely to change their minds.

That said, it didn’t seem to make Hooters look any worse either. Perhaps it may even help Hooters in the short term because the show got Hooters in the public image, so people will consider eating at Hooters.

Coby Brooks is humble and calm. He does the entire week undetected. As a disguise, Coby Brooks shaved his goatee, wore glasses and pretended to be part of a documentary on entry level jobs. On day one, Coby Brooks fails miserably when trying to be a busboy.

On day two, Coby Brooks does promotions in Dallas with Ashley and Brittney. In Dallas he hears both the positive and negative things that people think about Hooters. Brooks tries to have the girls do a PR campaign saying they are people, and that Hooters donates to the community. However, since the Hooters girls wear the outfits they wear, the PR campaign is not going to change feminists’ minds.

On day three Coby Brooks meets Hooters store manager Jimbo. Jimbo is a burly guy who flings rubber bands and spins trays on his fingers. Jimbo comes off as immature. Jimbo also treats the Hooters girls with little respect. He inspects daily in a way that is uncomfortable and creepy. Coby Brooks was embarrassed by Jimbo’s management style. “The things I saw today,” he said, “were inappropriate. They were wrong and I don’t want any part of it… the way he approached the girls was not acceptable.”

Jimbo was not fired, but he was reprimanded. According to the show Jimbo changed his management style.

Day four finds Brooks playing assistant manager with store manager Marcee who is a single mom. Marcee struggles to balance work and home life. She is stern but respectful and nurturing to the Hooters girls. This may be because Marcee was once a Hooters girl.

Day five, Coby Brooks is in Atlanta at the Naturally Fresh factory. One employee told Coby that employee morale is down and that people at the factory hate him. Coby Brooks admits that he hadn’t visited the factory since he was 16 years old.

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