Coca-Cola to Raise Prices at end of July: How Much Is the Increase?

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Coca-cola is planing to raise the prices on its soda and it’ll start on July 31! Cola drinkers, it’s time to stock up! An increase of three to five percent is expected when Coca-Cola raises its prices.

File:Coke lemon.JPGApparently, like everything else in the world, prices are going up and that’s hurting the bottom line. For Coca-Cola, that means having to pay more for corn, oil, and packaging. And, like always, consumers are going to feel the crunch. Perhaps, a small increase won’t hurt the wallet but it’ll probably make it a little harder to savor the soda, knowing how much cheaper it used to be!

Readers, share your thoughts. Are you a Coca-Cola drinker or a Pepsi drinker? Will this cola increase effect your bottom line? Some people can agree that soda is bad already so why not raise the prices? Perhaps, less people will buy the soda and that’s good for their health.

Sometimes things happen for a reason and perhaps, Coca-Cola’s price increase will jolt soda drinkers into thinking about other alternatives to quench their thirst!

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